From Einsteins violincase: a story-telling concert

Delta Piano Trio with Ab Nieuwdorp as narrator

“From Einstein’s Violin Case” is a storytelling concert with musical works, performed by the Delta Piano Trio, that Albert Einstein played himself or with which he had a special bond.

We all know that Einstein was a brilliant scientist, but that he was a very gifted violinist as well, is more of a secret. In between the selected works, Ab Nieuwdorp tells about Einstein’s life through moving and funny anecdotes; they will focus in particular on the interesting connection between science, music and the person Einstein, whose love for music is reawakened.

“If I hadn’t been a scientist, I would probably have become a musician. I often think in music. I daydream in music. I see my life in music,” said Einstein

Works by W.A. Mozart, E. Bloch, L. van Beethoven, B. Martinu, F. Schubert en F. Kreisler